Rhea Heritage Preservation Foundation

The Rhea Heritage Preservation Foundation (RHPF) was chartered in Tennessee as a non-profit, tax-exempt organization in 2016. It is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a charitable organization; gifts to RHPF are tax-deductible as allowed by federal law.

Rhea County Courthouse

Mission Statement

The Rhea Heritage Foundation exists to celebrate the history, heritage and culture of Rhea County through diverse programs, exhibits, and preservation of resources.

Primary focus

RHPF’s primary focus is presentation of the annual Scopes Festival. Presented each July, the festival seeks to recreate something of the atmosphere that surrounded the 1925 Scopes Trial, and to present a historically accurate play about the trial.

In cooperation with the Rhea County Government and the Cumberland County Playhouse, with funding from a Creative Placemaking grant from the Tennessee Arts Commission, RHPF has developed a sound and light show which is available in the Circuit Courtroom of the Rhea County Courthouse. This show presents highlights of the Scopes play Front Page News and provides information about the Scopes Trial.