“Front Page News” preview May 7

Members of the cast of Front Page News, the play with music about the Scopes Trial, will perform during Dayton’s Strawberry Festival on Saturday, May 7 in Centennial Park adjoining the courthouse.

At 3:30 p.m., following the parade, the cast will perform several songs and some dialogue from William Jennings Bryan (played by George Miller) and Clarence Darrow (played by Rick Dye).

Director Jim Crabtree, consulting producer with the Cumberland County Playhouse, said the performance will give festival-goers a preview of the Scopes Trial drama that will be presented in July. “We have an outstanding cast that does an excellent job of portraying this most significant event where it happened in Dayton.”

Information about Front Page News and productions planned this season at the Cumberland County Playhouse will be available during the Strawberry Festival weekend at the courthouse.